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Travelkit + R2

96 EUR
Penclic Mouse™ The faster, better, sleekly designed mouse. Penclic takes the computer mouse to the next level with innovative design combined with the latest technology. It saves you time and unnecessary clicks! The smart pen-grip provides a natural and relaxed posture, which prevents health problems like RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). The result is a modern, ergonomic computer mouse, perfect for the home and work. It is so precise that even people with visually demanding occupations feel completely satisfied with its results.
A smart computer mouse for a smart computer user.
Penclic Travel Kit including Penclic Mouse™ R2
Penclic Travel kit Penclic combines stylish design, ergonomics  and functionality with comfort. Penclic wants computer users to be healthy wherever they are. Today’s workplaces are much more mobile and computing is evolving every day. Even the traditional office design has changed. We must keep up with these new developments to deliver the optimal working position, remain efficient and simply do a great job! The Penclic Travel Kit makes it easy to take your ergonomic computer accessories wherever you go.